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There is currently a massive growth in the sales of all types of products and services. Research organisations like theForrester Organisation, who forecast in 2010 that online sales in Europe will rise to over €100-billion a year, and in the USA over $250-billion a year by 2014. These sales come from both large and small Websites, and from large companies and individual people. Today, these sales forecasts look like being achieved by 2012.

The Internet Sales & Marketing Course shows you exactly how to start a new online business, or expand an existing one to create a large monthly income. The exciting part is that once you've set up your Website using the methods you learn on this course, your sales and profits are largely “passive income” each month. You discover how to source the best products, whether digital products delivered online or products you have to post. You learn whether to use drop-shipping services or wholesale direct, and where else to sell at a profit, apart from eBay.

You may wish to develop profitable Websites for yourself to market your own products and services, or to sell products as an affiliate or associate of another company. This new course shows you how — with one-to-one tuition every step of the way, continuing until you complete the course and beyond.

The “Internet Sales & Marketing” Course, conducted by distance learning over the Internet, provides you with the necessary information and personal tuition leading to your Diploma in “Professional Internet Sales & Marketing” through the development of profitable Websites.

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The “Internet Sales & Marketing” Course is designed to:

  • Help people new to Internet sales start a new home-based business selling products and services of their choice through their own Websites.
  • Help people who have various levels of experience with Internet-sales to develop and expand their current marketing, while creating more Websites to sell in new sectors
  • Help people from all backgrounds and levels of experience understand the basic principles of Internet Sales & Marketing so they can create their own profitable network of Websites producing multiple income streams

This training is supplied through a structured learning course using simple terms and language. It takes the student through every stage of building a successful Internet Sales Business in 8 Modules. The interactive Course Modules are delivered each week or fortnight and guide the student each step of the way.

It is normal for students to be earning money from their new Internet Sales Business before they finish the 8 Modules and obtain their Diploma in “Internet Sales & Marketing”. Having an Internet Sales Business provides one of the few remaining opportunities for both individual freedom and financial gain. It can also give a lot of pleasure and excitement – especially when waking up each day to an In-Box stuffed with orders!

The “Internet Sales & Marketing” Course is the leader in online sales training through distance learning with online delivery of the Course Modules, Assignments, and Tutor assessments. In addition to providing a Course Diploma upon completion of the Course, our students are in the enviable position of owning a Website selling products or services. The Diploma is in recognition of the student’s level of qualification in Internet Sales & Marketing and enables them to offer their services to other businesses, apart from developing their own.

Some of our students have limited time to work through the Course and we understand this problem. We allow each student to set their own pace of work, with the help and guidance of a personal Tutor providing one-to-one tuition. The Course may be completed in 8-week, 16-weeks, or up to a year, if necessary. We continue to work with you until you complete the Course and your Website is published and making sales.


What You Learn

In short, on this Course you learn how to create multiple income streams through your own Internet Sales Business. All the information is packed into 8 Course Modules, each with an Assignment that improves your knowledge of Internet Sales & Marketing. Your progress is monitored and encouraged by your personal tutor, providing one-to-one tuition throughout the Course, and beyond if necessary.

Here is just a glimpse of what you will learn during this course; the full list is provided later in this document:

  • Various ways to make money online
  • How to find the best money-making method
  • Selecting the best products & services to sell
  • Creating Websites that work automatically to produce passive income
  • 25 Successful ways to attract targeted traffic to your Website
  • How to convert your Website traffic into money
  • 12 features you must include in your Offer
  • Why failure leads to success
  • Proven ways to create multiple income streams
  • Why a profitable niche Website with $33,000 + turnover is considered a failure

It doesn’t matter whether you already have some experience of online sales, or whether you’re a complete beginner with very little knowledge of the Internet. By the time you complete this course, you will be making sales from your own Website(s).



Why this Course is so Special

From the outset, it is important that you understand the “Internet Sales & Marketing” Course is not simply an abstract course full of theories. Power College has developed this course to ensure that you achieve sufficient online sales and marketing skills to make sales from your own Website.

The Course contents are based upon dozens of years experience in marketing using proven methods together with these important Internet features:

  • Real-time statistics
  • Working Websites

The Course SwitchboardYou are provided with actual periodical results and statistics from working Websites during this course. These enable you to understand exactly how Internet Sales & Marketing works. Your study of Website analytics is based on real-time figures and how to interpret them. This enables you to get your own Website(s) off to a flying start!

Another feature of this course that makes all the difference to your success with your Internet Sales Business, is that throughout the course you have access to your Tutor or business mentor, who provides extra information and training where required.

Your Course Switchboard is an interactive program that provides access to each element on the course, and much more! The Switchboard is the control centre to building your Internet Sales Business. Click on the image to the right to enlarge it.

There are invaluable features, which are only available from Power College. Click here to get started...


About Our Course

You do not need to have special skills or training to participate in our course, because you are taken step-by-step through every aspect of each subject. When you read about the new Internet millionaires and their latest business coup, realise that only a year or two ago most of them knew very little about making money on the Internet. Every successful person was once a beginner selling a single product on a simple Website!

From the start of the course you are given one-to-one personal tuition to ensure you have tuition in the areas you really need or that interest you. You get active motivation from experienced tutors on every facet of your chosen subject. Our job is to ensure you and your tutor work together to develop your own exciting new business. You will find that like most of our students, you can be making money online well before you complete the course.


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The course modules are published in PDF, which can be read on any computer with Adobe® Reader—free software you can download. The modules can be stored on your hard-drive, and are easily printed if you wish. Access links for more free software are provided as required with each module.


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