How To Develop A Successful Online Business From Home!

People in the know are making a fortune selling all kinds of products and services from their own Website. These people aren't special. They come from all backgrounds and are of any age—from only 16-years old to 75-years and more!

All they did was to apply the proven methods of online sales and marketing to their business, and avoided the obvious mistakes so many people make. It really is that simple. You can also enjoy a regular monthly income by operating your own Online-Sales-Business. Everything you need to know is available right now in our new course: The “Internet Sales & Marketing” Course.

You can complete this course from home by distance learning. The 8 Course Modules are sent to you each week by e-mail. They take you through the entire process from finding the best things to sell, creating a Website, attracting customers, and also provide the secrets of getting orders!

Best of all, you even have your own personal tutor to guide you through the Course, providing help and advice until you are making sales from your Website. Complete the form below and download our Course Prospectus—free of charge and without obligation.


5 Steps to Multiple Income Streams

Your free bonus eBook illustrates how your Online-Sales-Business becomes a success when it can produce monthly income from a series of Websites marketing products and services.

It is actually far easier to develop multiple income streams on the Internet than most people realise. This free eBook illustrates the 5 steps you must take before you can achieve that objective. When you can make those income streams 'passive income', requiring little or no work other than daily checks to count enquiries and sales, you are on your way to success.

Start your Online-Sales-Business by downloading a free copy of this eBook now. Just provide your name and primary e-mail for an instant download. This is a 'Spam Free Zone' and your details are not divulged to any other business or person. We do all we can to protect your privacy.


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Why This Course Works

The “Internet Sales & Marketing” Course contains everything you need to know about developing an online business selling your own products, or selling products and services as an affiliate. It takes you right through each step of the way from finding the right product, writing a compelling Website, attracting customers, processing sales, and expanding your network of Websites into multiple income streams.

The Course is delivered by Distance Learning in 8 Modules. Each one packed with information and instructions that you complete from home at your own speed. The various topics and sections are provided in a logical manner so you can learn the methods of building a successful business in the right order. But this is what really makes it work so well—you are given a Secret Weapon to ensure your success...

This is your very own personal Tutor who guides you through each part of the Course. You tell your Tutor about your business ideas and dreams.

You discuss the type of business you wish to create and the sort of products you wish to sell, and he shows you the best way to go about it. You will find it simple to do, especially using the material supplied with each Course Module.

This means that in just 8 short weeks, you can complete the Course, and be awarded your Course Diploma. Your Tutor provides guidance and help through every stage.

More importantly, not only will your first business Website be published online and attracting targeted traffic, which converts into paying customers, but you'll be well on your way to creating your second Website. Your network of niche Websites will provide you with multiple income for months and years to come.

Full information on the Course is included in the Course Prospectus. If you're serious about learning exactly how to start, develop, and operate your own Internet Sales Business, complete our short form now. Click here for the free downloads.


What You Learn

Have you ever downloaded an eBook or a course and tried to learn all the valuable info? Most people start okay, but soon give up as other tasks take up their time. Other people find it just too hard to understand or implement correctly, and they have nobody to turn to for help.

You won't have those annoying problems with the “Internet Sales & Marketing” Course. This is because you have a mentor who gives you encouragement and support just when you need it. You will find that having somebody on hand to explain where you're going wrong, or how to improve your project makes the difference between failure and successs. You no longer feel inclined to give up, but want to continue until you complete the Course and have your own online business providing regular sales.

The “Internet Sales & Marketing” Course provides you with masses of information—far too much for this page—but the following list illustrates a few of the key features. If you want the full list, it is included within the Course Prospectus, which you can have by instant download.

  • What to do before you start your business and look for products to sell
  • How to locate the hungry market for specific products
  • The pros and cons of Affilate Marketing
  • The Top 10 Places to look for products
  • Where to find bestselling copy for your Website
  • 10 vital things you have to know before you write your Headline
  • All about the 'hidden' Website features you need to maximise
  • The 10 best ways to get targeted traffic to your Website
  • 120 online sources of targeted traffic you can use today
  • The little-used process of relationship marketing and how to do it right
  • 8 tips for creating customer relationship videos to increase your sales
  • 15 Newsletter 'Do's and Don'ts' you must know
  • How to create the perfect offer—the one your visitors can't refuse!
  • 12 sales-creating features you can include with your offer
  • How to advertise your offer and get results
  • The forgotten secrets of follow-up marketing that can double your profits
  • Why you need a great 'back end'
  • Proven methods for creating successful 'back end' products and services
  • What you need to know and use about Google Adwords in your campaigns
  • How to optimsie your Website for Google
  • When and how to create more Websites and develop multiple income streams

...and much more!


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How To Start This Course

Only a specific number of applicants are accepted for the "Internet Sales & Marketing” Course, because the Course Tutors must provide personal coaching to each student. This means we cannot increase their workload beyond the agreed numbers, so late applications cannot be processed. So, you need to register your interest in taking the Course today.

It costs nothing to register for a place on the this Course.


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All applications are considered in the order they are received, so if you wish to reserve your place on our next Course, you may need to add your name on the list and register for the Course now.

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