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Like Microsoft that started as a part-time operation, many of the massive money makers on the Internet today started as very small operations. It is reported that Google started in a garage! These Websites are run by somebody just like you wanting to make some money on the Internet.

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He Started a $50-Million a Year Website with $500

BizChair Website - Click to enlarge the imageAt the tender age of 14-years, while still at school, young Sean Belnick started his first Internet Sales Business. He created a Website selling business chairs from his bedroom.

Today, Sean's company has a $50-million turnover from a 327,000 square foot warehouse on a 70-acre lot in Georgia, USA. Within 5-years of starting his business, it was ranked as high as 32 on the Internet Retailer's list of fastest growing e-retailers.

What he did was very simple. He was in his stepfather's office and noticed retail shops phoning in orders for furniture, which was then ordered from the supplier and delivered direct to the customer. He thought it a great idea to do the same thing using a Website, so the retailers could order online. Click to visit BizChairs


Noah Refused an Offer of $10 Million!

He'd been operating his Website from home for just over a year, when he turned down this amazing offer. Most of us would have jumped at it, but Noah Everett is in it for the long term. Last year Wikipedia reported the Website was earning $1,500,000 a year from one simple Twitter app.

TwitPic Website - Click to enlarge the PhotoNoah is the founder of a popular image upload Website, which he founded in 2008. The objective was to allow friends—and others—to share images in realtime, online.

His Website, TwitPic, has grown inline with the exponantial growth of the social media Website Twitter. Click the photo on the left to enlarge it.

Today, it is one of the top 200 Websites in the world, as ranked by Alexa. Click the image for larger photo. It will come as no suprise to learn that Noah still works from home, which is also where he powers his servers that have to deal with millions of pages a day! Click to Visit TwitPic


Start-Up Website Makes £4-Million In First Year!

Mitesh Soma started business as a shelf-stacker with Waitrose, but thanks to an idea from his wife, Krishna, he now runs a £10-Million Website. Chemist Direct was a winner from day one, and now has over 250,000 customers buying their pharmacy and beauty products online.

Chemist Direct UK Website - Click to enlarge the imageThis is because he is content to buy well, sell at low prices, and offer his customers great value. You can find many products with savings of up to 90% off normal retail prices. Visit his Website at for more information.

Their aim is to supply low-cost products to everybody in the UK with Internet access. They deliver direct to your door within 24-hours!


Catherine Made $10-million by age 18

MyYearBook Website - Click to enlarge the imageIn 2005, Catherine and her brother David put their first Website online. The number of visitors rose fast, and by only November 2007 was 3-million. It reached 10-million visitors in July 2008, and has continued to rise since.

Catherine came up with the idea for when as a young teenager she was looking through the photos and bios in her school yearbook. She thought it would be great if students could not only read bios online, but upload and edit their own. Her brainwave paid off big time—it is now one of the top-25 most-trafficked sites in the US! — Click the photo to enlarge it.

On her Website, she says, "...myYearbook is the best place to meet new people. We have more than 20 million people making friends, playing games, and even falling in love. And not just some people. myYearbook is for all ages, all nationalities, all backgrounds -- everyone! Dave and I started myYearbook with only one thing in mind -- making meeting new people as fun and easy as possible!" Click here to continue reading


Susan Makes a Fortune from Vintage Clothes

Susan Gregg Koger was still at high school spending her weekends shopping for vintage clothing, when she came up with the idea of selling some of her large inventory on a Website. Her dorm room at university as packed with the most amazing range of clothing, much of it not her size! Susan just had to snatch up a bargain when she saw it.

ModCloth Website - Click to enlarge the PhotoAt the tender age of 17-years, with her husband-to-be Eric, she set up shop in a small house that became store, office, and home. The increased space allowed her to purchase more bargains, which Eric advertised online. In a few short years, the idea became a multi-million dollar business with over 100 employees and millions of Website visitors.

Susan's long-term plan is to change the fashion industry from the current pattern of the top fashion insiders deciding the cool clothing ideas for next season, to letting the customers who buy and wear the clothes have the biggest say. Susan says, "I am living proof that you don't have to be an insider to be knowledgeable about fashion and have an impact on the industry. I am so fortunate to be able to do what I do for a living, and I want to share that experience with our customers." Continue reading this story...